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A Variety of Rental Options

At A Place to Stay Reservations, you can choose from spacious homes or cozy cabins. And we also have unique, Glamping RV's. All accommodations are close to beautiful Bandera, Texas, the Cowboy Capital of the World. 

Downtown Bandera

Accommodations conveniently located in the downtown Bandera area.
outside bandera

Outside Bandera

Cabins and homes just a few minutes from downtown Bandera.
other locations

Other Locations

Accommodations in other areas, including those in Pipe Creek and near the Medina River.


Please, review our policies prior to booking your stay with you. If you have any questions, give us a call.  Note that, due to COVID 19, you are booking at your own risk, and cancellation policy still applies.



We hope you are making plans to be our guest at A Place To Stay Reservations, where you feel who you are! Whether you are interested in spending the weekend with us or taking a longer vacation, we want your experience in the Cowboy Capital of the World to be a memorable one. Please acquaint yourself with our Policies below.

CHECK~IN: 2:00-3:00 pm CHECK~OUT: 10:00-11:00 am
We will send you specific Arriva/Departure Instructions/Directions after you reserve your accommodation.

MORE THAN 14 DAYS PRIOR TO STAY: A rebooking/cancellation fee will be assessed for all cancellations.

LESS THAN 14 DAYS PRIOR TO STAY: No refunds are granted for cancellations within 14 days of scheduled stay. We will do everything we can to try and re-book the property if a cancellation occurs. If we can re-book it, your total cost will be refunded minus a rebooking fee. REFUNDS WILL BE SENT WITHIN 60 DAYS AFTER CANCELLATION.

Cancellations impact our business greatly due to our small size and location. Please reserve carefully.

For your protection and ours, ALL cancellations MUST be made in writing via email, by responding to your confirmation.

Any request to change rooms, and/or accommodations, and/or reservation dates will result in a $35.00 move fee pursuant to the policies above.

We will email you a Cancellation Notice for your records once your request is processed.

All properties are quoted for single/double occupancy. Taxes (city, county, state) and processing fees will be added to the rates quoted. Some accommodations are priced per person and in that case you will see the difference of cost as more guests are added.

Rates are subject to change without notice.

Children are allowed in most of our accommodations. Please see the description under the listing. Children are counted as occupants so please include them in the head count. Supervision is required at all times. We are not responsible for unattended children and accidents.

Pets, if allowed, there is a $15.00-$35.00 per pet, per night fee at each property that allows pets. This fee covers standard cleaning up after your pet(s). If your pet(s) cause any damage to the accommodation or its furnishings, you will be charged the cost of the damages incurred. The fee for bringing an undisclosed pet is $200 per night/per pet. No Exceptions. Pet fees must be paid for prior to your arrival. Pets must be leashed when outside at all times. Pets must be kenneled if left alone inside accommodation. Pick up your pets waste. You are responsible for your pet. Please keep in mind some properties have multiple accommodations on the property and so rules must be adhered to. No Exceptions. 2 PET MAX.

No Split Bills! If you are sharing the cost of the accommodation, please put the charges on one person’s card and split the bill among yourselves.

You agree that any loss or damage to the property will be billed to your credit card by A Place To Stay Reservations. Guests are financially responsible for any damages done to the accommodation or any of the property’s contents. Any excess cleaning will be billed to your credit card at an hourly rate of $25.00.

$200 Fines Will Apply For The Following:
1) Undisclosed Guests:
Some of our properties' rates are based on single/double occupancy meaning the rates shown are what we charge for either one or two people. For some accommodations, after the first two guests, we charge an additional charge per person per night. We understand that plans do change, so just please be SURE to let us know immediately if your party size has changed from what you originally indicated. If it is determined that you have brought more guests than originally indicated, a $200 fine per guest will be incurred and will be charged to the card on file for the reservation. Guests of guests are not allowed on/in any of our properties/accommodations.

2) Undisclosed Pets:
Pets are only allowed at a few of our properties, and only if it is specifically indicated on that accommodation's page. Some accommodations also have weight limitations on pets. For those accommodations that do allow pets, there is a per pet, per night fee. Pet fees must be paid prior to arriving. Whether or not the property actually accepts pets, a $200.00 fine per pet will be charged to the card on file for the reservation if you bring an undisclosed pet(s).

3) Fine for Smoking:
Smoking is NOT allowed inside any property as all of our accommodations are non-smoking. Smoking inside ANY property will result in a $200 fine, which will be billed to the credit card on file for the reservation.

4) Candles Not Allowed:
Please note: For your safety and the safety of all our guests, candles are prohibited in/on any of our properties. Damages to our accommodations or violation of any of our policies, including those shown above, will result in a minimum $200.00 fine.

You agree that any Loss or Damage to the property will be billed to your credit card by A Place to Stay Reservations.

Any excess cleaning will also be billed to your credit card at an hourly rate of $25.00. Most accommodations will have a binder with "house rules" or a "house manual" which will give specific information regarding expectations during your say.

For those properties with Hot Tub/Pools: If you leave the lid up or off after you leave the hot tub, the hot tub will fill with leaves/ debris and will need to be completely drained.
If the weather is hot, guests often choose to lower the temperature while they are in the tub. That is fine, but you MUST raise the temperature when you leave as the tub cannot stay below 98/99 degrees for long (body temperature) before bacteria begins to grow.
NEVER, ever put any type of bubble bath or oils in the hot tub. The tub makes bubbles via the jets. Oils or bubble bath will cause the tub to have to be drained immediately.
Finally, PLEASE remove all makeup and body lotions/oils before entering the tub as well so it will stay clean and nice for everyone. A layer of scum will appear in the tub if you enter it wearing makeup and/or oils.
A $75.00 hot tub cleaning fee will be imposed if these rules are broken and we have to drain the hot tub during or immediately after your stay. We do not want to do this, so please help us keep the hot tub nice for everyone. Children are not allowed in the hot tub. Children must be supervised at all times when around any body of water. No food/drink in or near the not tub. Hot Tub instructions and rules are located inside the accommodations which have hot tubs.

If you bring children, or anyone, who wets the bed there will be a $50.00 fee per bed which has been wet. Also if sheets are ruined by spilling wine, coffee, blood, etc. on them a $50.00 fee will be charged to cover a portion of the cost to replace each set of sheets ruined. Accidents do happen; we simply ask you to reimburse the owner for your accidents that cause out-of-pocket expenses.

We require 100% payment up front for all reservations.

The State of Texas, City of Bandera, and Bandera County impose a 12-15% hotel occupancy tax on every stay.

If you leave items in your accommodation, please contact us or the owner of the said property and we will gladly send the items to you. You will be charged the exact amount the Postal Service charges PLUS a $15.00 handling fee. Items not claimed within two weeks will be donated to charity.

A Place To Stay Reservations is not responsible for any items left behind.

We are not responsible for any accidents. You/Yours are renting/staying at your own risk.

Thank you for choosing Bandera Guest House with A Place To Stay Reservations. Enjoy your stay!

3:00 PM - 6:00 PM
If arriving outside of check-in times, please call to make arrangements.

At the time of booking, 100% of the reservation balance will be collected. Payment for all retail items and gift certificates will also be collected. Applies to: all reservations.

Children are welcome with an accompanying adult. Pets are welcome. Pets must weigh under 50 pounds. These houses Do NOT allow pets: A Place to Stay Building and Rooms, Cottage, Bandera's Ranch House, Hackberry House, White House off Main St. Upstairs/Downstairs/Entire House, Rock Cabin on 8th, 8th St. Cowboy Haus, Honey's Wildflower Cottage, 11th St. Hideaway, 11th St Casa Blanca, Hunter's Cabin, Diamond A Country Cabin, The Dock Holiday Inn, The Red Dock Retreat.

Your credit card information is stored and processed securely.

After 2:00-3:00pm